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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
BBQ corner
By Flo Mercier
private chef St Barts


BBQ corner

Vegan and vegetarian

Grilled and roasted vegetables: eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini

Asparagus and mushroom in miso dressing

Corn on the cobb

Plantain bananas grilled in the skin




Whole fish marinated and grilled  with creole sauces

Lobster grilled in the shell  and a coral hollandaise

Butterfly shrimps with sweet chilly dressing with pilau rice

Grilled octopus with parsley pesto with bell pepper paella rice




Marinated prime beef with homemade chimichurri

Oriental style lamb cutlets with garlic and thyme

Chichen crispy and juicy with lemon garlic chilly relish

Marinated pork ribs sweet and spicy

Bali style satay: marinated beef, lamb and glazed pork with peanut and chilly sauce





Basmati rice steamed or pilaf

Mash potatoes

Gratin dauphinois                   

Home fries                             

Roasted or steamed potatoes

Seasonal vegetables wok                      

Sweet potato gratin in coconut milk

Raw and steamed vegetables salad